Jewelry Style Pedestal Display Showcases

Jewelry counters and pedestal display cases are among the most popular display cabinets made for the diamond and jewelry industry.

We are well known for making some incredible designs and we are always proud to show off our work.

Jewelry Pedestal Showcases
Jewelry Pedestal Display Cases

Suspended Display Cases - Photo 553 Wall Mounted Boxes - Photo 344 SuspendedDisplayCases2

Custom Jewelry Counters Display Cases – Made in the USA

Our counter showcases are very well known in the jewelry industry because we have been manufacturing them for over 35 years.

With our team of 35 carpenters we are able to service the USA and Canada very effectively.  Attached are a few pictures of jewelry pedestal and counter display cabinets we made recently.

Pedestal Jewelry Display Cabinet
Counter Jewelry Display Case

Counter Display Showcase 294 Counter Display Showcase 273 Counter Display Showcase 322

New Jewelry Kiosk Designs

Dear Customer


Our new kiosk designs can now be viewed online and reviewed.  Our extensive selection of these mall kiosks will come to no surprise to some of you.  Over the last 2 years our team of designers have put in countless hours of work to come up with some of the most practical and sturdy kiosks available online.


A few photo’s of our retail carts and kiosks we have build recently can be seen below.

Mall Retail Jewelry Kiosks
Jewelry Mall Kiosks

island_kiosk3 Retail Kiosk 15 Retail Kiosk 23. Retail Kiosk 30


We are probably the only company in the USA or Canada that has over 127 wall upright display cases for jewelry and various other retail business.

Our classic selection of these free standing display cases is made out of aluminum or steal extrusion and our standard line uses various wood finishes.

For more information please visit us online at or

Free Standing Display Cabinets
Free Standing Showcases

Wall Upright Showcase 417 Wall Upright Showcases 520 Wall Upright Display Showcase 2 Wall Upright Showcase 382 Wall Upright Showcase 448 Wall Upright Showcases 552

Jewellery Display Cases – Aluminum and Steel

At Jewellery Showcases we specialize in the design and manufacturing of high quality museum and jewelry display cases in various sizes, colors or substrates.    Please download our 2015 classic and standard line display case catalogs and see what might interest you!

Jewelry Display Cabinets
Jewelry Showcases

Museum Display Cases Small 407 Museum Display Cases Small 411 Museum Display Cases Small 413 Museum Display Cases Small 418 Museum Display Cases Small 419 Museum Display Cases Small 421 Museum Display Cases Small 422 Museum Display Cases Small 424 Museum Display Cases Small 440 Museum Display Cases Small 439 Museum Display Cases Small 436