Jewelry Glass Showcases

If you are looking online these days for original and well made jewelry showcases you will come across the same old boring designs.   With Jewelry Showcases International you glass displays are all but boring and we design and manufacture showcases with a real identity for our customers.  Our cabinets are well known in the industry as being some of the finest and our design selection is 2nd to none.

Request our 2013 jewelry display case catalog today and find out how we can make showcases that are truly unique!

Tom Stone

Pedestal Showcase

Jewelry Pedestal Showcases

We completed the manufacturing of 56 Jewelry Pedestal Showcases for World Jewelry Corp in Dallas Texas.  These pedestal display cabinets are being shipped all across the USA to display actual Gold Nuggets!

Our selection of pedestal cases is really the biggest selection you can find anywhere and we are always adding new designs.