Jewelry Display Cases – New Innovative Designs

At the jewelry display group we are always working on new and creative jewelry display case designs for our customers.    We  are well known for our creativity and our ability to make some excellent and functional custom designed glass vitrines for not much money.  With factories located in Canada, USA and Mexico we are extremely well positioned to manufacture and deliver high quality display cabinets to our customers anywhere in North America.

Glass Counter Showcases
Counter Cabinets


Pedestal Display Cases
Glass Counter Display Case



Tower Display Cabinet
Tower Display Case



Gold Wing Jewelry – Atlanta Georgia

Our new line of Counter and Pedestal Jewelry Showcases was the obvious choice for Nick Broker owner of Gold Wing Jewelry in Atlanta Georgia!  These new Pedestal and Counter display cases are made using glass on glass for the display portion of the cabinets with a durable base made out of Aluminum, MDF and Laminates!


The image below will give you a good idea how these new designs look!

Counter Showcases
Counter Display Cases

Jewellery Tower Showcase – The Silver Ring Centre – Brownsville Texas

Besides counter display cases, towers are probably the next most popular display cabinet to find in a jewellery shop!  For the Silver Ring Centre in Brownsville TX this simple yet elegant case was just right!

With over 150 tower designs available for purchase, Jewellery Showcase Group is the manufacture you want to deal with!

Request our 2013 catalogue online and receive a 25% discount on the purchase of 2 or more units before the end of the year!

Jewellery Display Cabinets
Jewellery Showcases

Suspended Jewelry Showcases – Silent Noise

Just finished!  These suspended showcases were designed and manufactured for a jewelry shop located in Kelowna BC.

Three of the suspended display cases are very large and a bit of a challenge to get them attached to the aluminum square poles!

Ones the they have installed these glass cabinets it will look excellent!


Wall Mounted Display Cases
Wall Hanging Display Cases

Jewelry Pedestal Display Cabinets

One of our most popular category of display cases are pedestals.  We currently manufacture over 90 different kinds of glass pedestal cabinets for the general retail market.

Our selection of well designed and very functional pedestal showcases are known to be one of a kind!  With over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing jewelry cabinets we have learned to

know what works and what does not work.

Our designs are modern which gives all the new stores we have worked on this refreshing new look!


Call us and one of our representative will answer any questions you have!


Tony Haas

Jewelry Glass Showcases

If you are looking online these days for original and well made jewelry showcases you will come across the same old boring designs.   With Jewelry Showcases International you glass displays are all but boring and we design and manufacture showcases with a real identity for our customers.  Our cabinets are well known in the industry as being some of the finest and our design selection is 2nd to none.

Request our 2013 jewelry display case catalog today and find out how we can make showcases that are truly unique!

Tom Stone

Pedestal Showcase

Jewelry Pedestal Showcases

We completed the manufacturing of 56 Jewelry Pedestal Showcases for World Jewelry Corp in Dallas Texas.  These pedestal display cabinets are being shipped all across the USA to display actual Gold Nuggets!

Our selection of pedestal cases is really the biggest selection you can find anywhere and we are always adding new designs.


Jewelry Showcases – Simply the best prices in the industry!!!

Jewelry Showcases
Jewelry Glass Showcases


These days you can find many companies online offering very cheap prices on very basic display cases.  Most of what you see looks the same and you have to wonder if the quality is decent.   At Jewelry Showcases (Division of CUSTOM DISPLAY GROUP) we own our factories.  We do our manufacturing in 4 very strategic location which enables us to offer our customers pricing that is unmatched by our competitors.

Our locations are Toronto Canada, Laredo Texas, Altamira Mexico and our newest location Matamoros Mexico.

If you are looking to have 2 or more glass display cases designed and manufactured by us and you want to keep you purchase cost of your brand new display cabinets to a minimum, you should consider having them made at one of our factories down south.  Savings between 25% and 40% are common on larger orders if manufactured in Mexico!

We also have customers that prefer having their showcases manufactured at one of our factories in the USA or Canada and this is also possible!

Who in the display case industry can give you these kinds of choices????  WE CAN!!!!!!!

If you have received a quote from another supplier then please forward this to us,  so we can offer you pricing that might pleasantly surprise you!

Tom Gibbins