10 Reasons to Have a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand



We all know that harmful germs can live on any surface. These germs can be found in every public place that you can imagine. All of these germs have an evil plan to spread their dangerous and infectious bacteria to anyone they come in contact with.

Thankfully we’re in the 21st century. Cutting-edge mechanism defends against pathogens and germs to give us the upper hand in one of humanity’s most persistent struggles. But the Covid-19 pandemic is putting all of our technology to the test.

Throughout the country, public social events, restaurants, construction sites, offices, and schools benefit from the vast advantages of a revolutionary weapon in the war against germs and infectious bacteria: a hand sanitizer dispenser stand.

Another important thing to remember is that employees use their hands to shake hands, open doors, write reports, and more throughout any workday.

Each of these activities exposes employee’s hands to harmful bacteria and germs. Illness can be tied to a loss of productivity, which can cost an employer around $225.8 billion every year in the United States.
Consider this: 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands. So, it’s critical to implement an effective hand hygiene program in the workplace.

Americans are at work throughout the week than anywhere else, even more than their house. Ninety percent of employees will go to work even when they’re sick due to their increasing workload.

This makes the workplace a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to grow. Even just the regular flu can cost businesses $10.4 billion in direct costs every year for outpatient visits and hospitalizations for adults, per to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The good news is that proper hand hygiene compliance can reduce the associated costs and absenteeism by about 40 percent. Washing your hands with water and soap is the ideal way to make sure that hands are free of germs and adequately clean, but it isn’t always an option. However, a simple solution is available: hand sanitizer.

The CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) say that one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs and getting sick is hand sanitizer. By placing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand in strategic spots throughout an office, and various other high-touch areas, you can prompt your employees to improve their hand hygiene and promote a healthy working environment.

There are ten reasons why having hand sanitizer dispenser stands around public places is important. So, let’s take a look and see why hand sanitizer is important.

10 Reasons to Have a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
1.Hand sanitizer is a fast way to disinfect your hands. These days, so many people are trying to fit in 36 hours of work into a day that lasts only 24 hours. Being on the go continually means that we might not have enough time to go and disinfect our hands in the restroom after a cough or sneeze. With a hand sanitizer dispenser stand, especially one located in communal places close to work spaces, we can get rid of 99.9 percent of all germs that might be hanging out on our hands.

2.A hand sanitizer dispenser stand lowers the risk of cross-infection of customers and employees.

3.Because there’s less cross-infection, there’s a decrease in company downtime and sickness. A hand sanitizer dispenser stand promotes the health of the entire company.

4.Fewer kids are becoming sick. Healthy kids at school instead of sneezing and coughing up a storm at home can lead to fewer sick days, a better future in general, and improved school performance.

5.A hand sanitizer dispenser stand is a great way to teach wellness practices. If people walk past a hand sanitizer dispenser stand during the flu and cold season, they’re more likely to stop and disinfect their hands.

6.Peace of mind. Most people won’t be as concerned about coming down with the flu or cold if they have easy access to hand sanitizer. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 36,000 people die from the flu or a flu-like illness every year.

7.A hand sanitizer dispenser stand is ideal solutions for any public locations that serve food like food trucks, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and festivals where harmful bacteria and germs can swarm like mosquitoes.

8.The CDC approves hand sanitizer. The CDC reminds people that “keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps that we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs.” A hand sanitizer dispenser stand can disinfect and clean hands in a matter of seconds.

9.Improved workplace safety. On-site construction workers come into contact with all sorts of dangers, with infectious bacteria being the most significant hazards. As the Center for Construction Research and Training states, “A lack of cleaning facilities on construction job sites increases the likelihood of dermatitis, caustic burns from long-term contact with wet cement, or acid burns from hazardous agents such as muriatic acid that can cause infections.

10.Having clean, healthy hands is cool. Additionally, clean hands can save lives, especially during the flu and cold season.

Critical Locations for a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Organizations that inspire regular usage of hand sanitizers typically have healthier workers. Office workers who are prompted to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer at least five times a day were around two-thirds less likely to get sick in comparison to those who just washed their hands.
Around 92 percent of Americans believe that it’s essential to wash their hands after using the restroom, but only 66 percent actually follow through. Some people will even skip washing their hands with soap and go right to rinsing their hands with only water.

This makes it very important to have a hand sanitizer dispenser stand in the restroom for employees that are in a hurry and forget to wash their hands properly. Giving a backup hand sanitizer dispenser stand close to the sinks and by the door of the restroom ensures that germs don’t leave the restroom.
The ideal way to remind people to use hand sanitizer is to make it readily available and within sight. It’s also essential to put a hand sanitizer dispenser stand around and near communal areas and high-touch surfaces, including:

Exits and Entrances
A doorknob can potentially lead to a widespread illness throughout the workplace. New research has been done that shows that within two to four hours, a virus put on a doorknob can be transferred to 40 to 60 percent of visitors and workers within a facility. In addition to the frequent disinfecting of light switches, doorknobs, and other high-touch surfaces through the workplace should be done and provide a hand sanitizer dispensing stand nearby to inhibit the spread of the germs.

Break Room, Food Courts, and Cafeterias
Suppose food is eaten with germ covered hands. In that case, it’s easy to digest the germs and become sick with several different illnesses. One of the worst places in the office for germs is the kitchen and breakroom. Hand sanitizer shouldn’t be a replacement for anybody who works with food, but it can help contain germs.

Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms are frequently packed with visitors, clients, and employees who exchange handshakes and thus swap germs. Providing employees and guests with an easy-to-access hand sanitizer dispenser stand, either at the table or near the door, allows them to guard their hands against germs before and after a meeting.

Employee Desks
Computer mice and keyboards, phones, and desks are critical places for germs to live because people often touch them. Considering that most employees spend their days at their desks where they drink and eat and even sneeze and cough, desks can become a breeding ground for viruses that can live on a surface for up to 72 hours. By providing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand near employees’ desks provides hygiene within arm’s reach.

High Traffic Areas
Providing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand outside the office is also very important. Recreational centers, mall hallways, and airport terminals, and other high-traffic areas should provide hand hygiene stations to ensure that visitors stay healthy. It keeps high-traffic areas clean, but it also helps to improve the reputation of the rec center, mall, or airport.

Transaction Counters
Researchers have swabbed $1 bills from banks and have found that they’re covered in hundreds of species of microorganisms. Additional research has shown that pathogens such as staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, and E. coli live on paper cash, all of which could lead to severe illnesses. After handling cash, you must wash your hands, particularly if you’re going to be consuming food afterward. Keeping a hand sanitizer dispenser stand near transaction areas, such as a check-out counter, reminds people to clean their hands when needed the most.

Choosing the Correct Hand Sanitizer
While placing a hand sanitizer dispenser area at critical locations throughout a workplace is important to fighting employee absenteeism and illness, it’s also imperative to provide them with the right hand sanitizer. You want to make sure that you’re providing employees with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 70 percent alcohol. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the higher the efficiency. Find products with a 5-log minimum kill rate (99.999%) – these are 100 times more effective than 3-log (99.9%) hand sanitizers.

You might also consider foam hand sanitizers because 84 percent of adults prefer foam hand sanitizer over the sticky gel. It’s also ideal to use hand sanitizers that contain moisturizers to guard against the drying out of the skin and those that are dye and perfume-free to reduce the potential of skin irritations and allergic reactions.

How to Encourage Hand Hygiene
A hand hygiene program goes well beyond giving access to the right products. While having a hand sanitizer dispenser area in and around germ filled hot spots is important to improving workers’ health, it’s beneficial that workers use them regularly.

You can promote hand hygiene by hanging up posters, information boards, internal newsletters, and leaflets near hand sanitizer dispenser stations to remind people to clean their hands and give easy and quick hand hygiene facts.

These materials should also have information on how to correctly apply and use hand sanitizer according to the six-step method recommended by the World Health Organization to make sure that the right amount is used and spread to cover the entire surface of both hands.

Employers should also offer educational meetings and seminars during the year to remind and teach employees on how they can have better health with great hand hygiene practices.

As an employer, it’s very imperative to lead change by example. Encourage your workers to utilize hand sanitizer often by doing it yourself. Don’t forget to stock up on hand sanitizer dispenser stand refills during the flu and cold season. Finally, it’s very important to remind workers to use sick days when necessary to keep germs at home and away from the office and the rest of the workforce.

Sanitizing the Workplace
Hand sanitizer usage can reduce microbial counts and can kill several harmful germs that can infect workers with different viruses, like the flu. To maintain a thriving workplace and healthy environment, employers must take into consideration of their employees. Providing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand for employees at communal areas and desks is just as important as providing necessary tools and equipment to do their work.

Final Thoughts
A hand sanitizer dispenser stand is a great way to keep hands clean and promote a healthy workplace. Washing your hands isn’t always a viable option, so hand sanitizer is a great backup option. Placing a hand sanitizer dispenser stand in locations that are high traffic areas can lead to more employees disinfecting their hands and thus not spreading germs and bacteria.

There are ten reasons why a hand sanitizer dispenser stand is essential in offices, schools, and more. These reasons show that a hand sanitizer is a crucial tool in stopping the spread of illness between people. Additionally, the ten reasons show how easy it is to use hand sanitizer.

Businesses lose billions of dollars per year because of illness, but that could easily go down with the proper use of a hand sanitizer dispenser stand. Fewer employees would get sick, and there would be a lower spread rate of the illness.

From this article, you should learn how hand sanitizer is a great tool to keep people healthy and stop the spread of germs and bacteria. You should know now that a hand sanitizer dispenser stand is a great investment for your business, especially when choosing the right hand sanitizer for your office. Foam hand sanitizer is the better option, but gel hand sanitizer will work too if that’s all you can find.
If you’re looking for the best hand sanitizer dispenser stand, we can help you find the best unit for your requirements. We offer multiple options that you can choose from, to ensure that you’re getting the best one. Each hand sanitizer dispenser stand comes with a drip tray, aluminum column or banner stand and the necessary tools to assemble the stand.

Ensuring your workplace’s safety and the health of your employees and guests means that you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of illness. Additionally, it shows that you’re committed to keeping people healthy whenever they come into your office.

Cannabis & Coronavirus – A Pharmacist’s Perspective


When I was at Pharmacy School at Sydney University, more than 20 years ago, we learned the pharmaceutical and clinical sciences ranging from the design, synthesis, formulation, dispensing and testing of drugs and the clinical and social aspects of pharmacy. In practical terms, we studied how pharmaceuticals interact, how to accurately measure and dispense medications, advise patients on effective protocols and adverse events, what to do and not to do when using specific medications.
We did not learn how to dispense medications in a pandemic.
It never occurred to the University to include this in the curriculum. Like the heroic doctors, nurses and caregivers at hospitals today, pharmacists too are on the front lines of this global pandemic. People need medicine, and ensuring the supply chain of critical meds at this time is just as important as washing hands and social distancing, maybe more so.
In my pharmacy in Israel, we have taken measures to keep our pharmacists as safe as possible including protective glass between the pharmacist and patients, gloves, masks and alcogel between patients, limiting the number of patients in the store at any time to 1, and other measures including pick-up services and delivery. We have doubled our stock of common medication and we have seen stockpiling of medication, alcogel and masks as common.
Over 60,000 patients in Israel receive medical cannabis through pharmacies and distributors. The current supply chain for cannabis is stable and we have even seen imported cannabis flowers from Canada, the US, and Africa. Hundreds of thousands of patients around the world rely on cannabis medicine to treat a range of conditions, including epilepsy, Parkinsons, cancer, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, autism, chronic pain and more. And most especially in these times, cannabis is used effectively to treat anxiety.
Research has shown that Cannabis can significantly reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.
• Low THC/high CBD cannabis can help with depression
• High THC/high CBD cannabis can help with stress
I am pleased to read that cannabis dispensaries are being classified as essential businesses in the U.S. (although it’s obvious to me, I am somewhat puzzled how cannabis was previously classified as “illegal” and is now “essential”).
In 2019, I completed the Israel Ministry of Health’s cannabis curriculum for pharmacists. Here too, medical cannabis is still available to patients at the pharmacies and we must ensure this continues throughout the lockdown.
This is a challenging time for the world, for our families and for the cannabis industry.
As a Pharmacist and a cannabis entrepreneur, I invite you to reach out to me with any questions you have on any medications including cannabis. I am available and happy to answer any questions you have.
Be careful – there is a lot of misinformation out there that is being shared, and I encourage you to check the source of all information before doing anything. Let’s allow the doctors, nurses, caregivers, and pharmacists to do their work. Keep physically healthy with how you eat and exercise, and keep mentally healthy by taking some positive steps.

Marijuana Increases Trade Show Registrations


Notice the headline reads “Marijuana Increases Trade Show Registrations” and not Marijuana Increases Trade Show Attendance. You can probably assume that attendance is up as well, but the premise of this article is how one company (CDS Displays) has seen a major increase in customers participating in trade shows in both Denver and Seattle.

Cannabis Expo

It is not a coincidence that after Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use that CDS Displays noticed a three time increase in clients who were participating in trade shows located in Denver. When Washington State followed, the number of clients participating in Seattle based trade shows has also doubled.

In addition to the many shows that have re-located to Denver or Seattle there are now many very large trade shows that are specific to the cannabis and marijuana business. CDS has also serviced companies that are officially “in the business” including EnviroGrow who provides technology for growers and Sprig which is a THC infused soda that can only be sold in states where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Trade Show Alternatives: Get Your Product in Front of Customers Despite the Coronavirus.

Trade shows are a popular—and sometimes crucial—way for companies to get their products and services in front of prospective customers and connections. In 2020 the arrival of the coronavirus has meant that hundreds of industry events are postponed or indefinitely on hold. Many companies are now looking for new ways to promote their brands and products. What are your trade show alternatives?

The massive events that attract tens of thousands of people may return in the future. For now, a new set of principles guide how companies approach events. It’s all about social distancing, sanitation, and size limits. These are important to help attendees stay safe while they enjoy themselves.

Virtual Events Are Safe and Effective
One obvious solution to the problems posed by COVID-19 is not to get people together in person at all and instead to opt for virtual events. With a virtual event, there’s no risk of infection transmission and no need to limit the number of attendees.

The face-to-face interaction virtual events lack they make up for in myriad ways:
• Hosting a virtual event gives you the opportunity to reach a potentially greater audience. People can attend an event online no matter where they live, as long as they have internet access. The reduced cost of attendance can boost interest too.

• They’re great for networking. A well-designed virtual event still encourages the kind of camaraderie that fosters long-term relationships. Lively real-time online discussions can provide plenty of exposure to build your brand and generate new leads.

• The data power they hold is unlike anything you could do at an in-person event. Learn more about virtual event analytics here.

Small Events Pose Less Risk
The bigger your event, the bigger the risk attendees might unknowingly spread infection. That’s why, right now, smaller is better. And, if possible, sticking to a local guest list is preferable. Depending on your goals, you may even find that small events are a better option than setting up a booth in a convention hall surrounded by thousands of others.

Large industry events can be exciting places to launch new products, but they’re not always the best fit. When you want to really connect with your audience, a smaller venue may suit your purpose. Small events of 50 to 75 people offer more chances for one-on-one interactions. And the smaller the guest list, the more time you have to make each interaction a high-quality one.

Outdoor Exhibits Allow for Social Distancing
If you’re concerned a small event won’t have the impact you’re driving for—for example, at a product launch—a larger event with social distancing precautions may be possible. Need a large audience but don’t want to compromise on safety? One effective solution is to take your event outside. In these days of social distancing, holding an outdoor event can help you strike a balance between crowd size and safety. Outdoors, there are no ventilation issues, and there’s room to spare. This means attendees have all the space they need to keep their distance while waiting in line or checking out your exhibit.

A great way to showcase your product or hold demos outdoors is by pairing your event with a mobile exhibit—or more than one. Outdoor exhibits are often portable by design. This makes setup and teardown easier and ensures your exhibit is ready to go any time.

If your exhibit proves successful at a local level, why not take it to other areas in your state or even on the road across the country?

On the Road with Mobile Exhibits
Even before the coronavirus, many exhibitors were looking outside the box for trade show alternatives. Touring a mobile exhibit, for instance, can be a great way of getting engagement and exposure. You still get to meet people, but it’s without the intense competition and frantic atmosphere of a trade show.

In the times of COVID-19, a mobile exhibit is an even more attractive prospect because it’s built with portability in mind. At its simplest, a mobile exhibit might be a single person with a few dozen brochures and a table for product demos. A large company might build a mobile exhibit in a vehicle or container and have a permanent team of staff to run it. In terms of safety, a mobile exhibit can work when deployed outdoors, in a place that makes distancing possible.

Face-to-face interactions are best for making and strengthening relationships. But, while industry events are effective, they’re often predictable in terms of the people you see at them. Taking your show on the road changes things up. Those in-person interactions can now happen anywhere, even in unexpected places. With a well-designed mobile exhibit, you can perform product demonstrations and tell your brand’s story to people across the country.

Permanent Installations Provide Long-Term Brand Messaging
A successful exhibit isn’t necessarily one that’s aggressively marketing your brand. Sometimes, it’s an installation that promotes your organization in a way that’s a little more subtle and just as effective. Permanent installations fit this bill. Their “always-on” messaging invites viewers to engage with your brand on a regular basis, rather than just at an event.

Permanent environments and installations work well at company HQs and in other corporate environments. These are the places where your image and your brand story are crafted. The most successful organizations are often ones that reflect their brand’s image everywhere—not just to the buying public but in the places employees work and where clients, partners, and prospects visit. Corporate locations such as customer lobbies, product demo rooms, and executive briefing centers are prime areas where permanent installations can work well.

Intimate Events Can Be Just as Effective as Large Trade Shows
Trade shows have long been popular for exhibitors—for product launches, brand building, and networking. But now is the time to think outside the box. Small events, outdoor events, virtual events, and permanent environments can all meet your marketing needs just as well, if you approach them in the right way. Be thoughtful about pairing your objectives with the kind of event you hold, and you’ll find that these trade show alternatives can help your organization meet its goals.

Octagonal Display cases

Octagonal display cases,  are commonly seen  in museums, boutiques and galleries. In museums it is possible to make an exhibition of costumes. However, one of the most common uses is for designers, various garments are placed in them without mentioning accessories.

In addition, a whole atmosphere can be created inside the showcase.

Our display cases are manufactured with top quality materials, with reinforced glass, that gives more security to the showcase.

Our octagonal display cases feature LED light in addition to finish selection. With these features, your display cabinets will remain intact.

What guarantee do you have?

Don’t hesitate, all our display orders are inspected, tested and photographed (in high resolution) before they are super crated and shipped to the customer’s destination. But in the unlikely event a defect fixture is shipped, we will replace said fixture free of charge.

How to decorate the display cases of your store

Pedestal display case


Pedestal display cases is one of our most popular category of display cases, due it’s elegant yet modern appearance gives the stores a refreshing new look.

The Pedestal Display Case can be built with different shape, height and design. Manufactured with aluminum extrusion of the highest quality and accessories that complement it. You can choose LED lighting, additional tempered glass responds, sliding or hinge doors, key locks, levelers or wheels.  All these alternatives allow you to design the showcase of your dreams.

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Jewelry kiosks and designs!

Jewelry kiosks are a cheaper option to start selling jewelry. However, the expense involved must be taken into account.

Somehow this type of kiosk should always look more elegant. Therefore, it is always recommended to use black. However, most of them use basic colours from white to grey.
In these cases, jewelry kiosks are a cheap investment but not with jewelry. It is advisable to find jewelry that is within our budget and is attractive. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch, since your showcases can be more attractive.

By finding good designs or designing good kiosks, they will sell themselves.

Jewelry kiosk
Large Jewelry Showcases

Jewelry display cases for sections

Jewelry display cases are an excellent option for selling not only jewelry. In them it is possible to store from watches to toys.

It’s very common to see this kind of jewelry display cases in ostentatious stores like Liverpool. They not only store jewellery, but entire collections of a single artist.

A clear example are the Rolex, which lie inside these but with a very high security.

If you want to know more about it, just contact us!

jewelry display case


Large Jewelry Showcases

Jewelry showcases in stores

Jewelry showcases are not just those that carry jewelry. Sometimes we think that showcases are simply the window to open to buy our products. However, at this point we should know that they are not.

Showcases have a function beyond that of attracting customers. The spaces open to the human being seem pleasant to him and the same is with the showcases. As humans we have the curiosity and instinct to want to see everything, so these showcases are designed for that.

These jewelry showcases do that as well as protecting the jewelry. They provide a whole context where they are attractive to consumers and give them a certain status.

The designs will always be made by you, to your exact measure and with the characteristics requested. Our jewelry showcases have the best price in the market. Above all it’s your satisfaction!

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One of the best jewelry showcases!