Jewellery Display Cases – Aluminum and Steel

At Jewellery Showcases we specialize in the design and manufacturing of high quality museum and jewelry display cases in various sizes, colors or substrates.    Please download our 2015 classic and standard line display case catalogs and see what might interest you!

Jewelry Display Cabinets
Jewelry Showcases

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Jewelry Display Cases – New Innovative Designs

At the jewelry display group we are always working on new and creative jewelry display case designs for our customers.    We  are well known for our creativity and our ability to make some excellent and functional custom designed glass vitrines for not much money.  With factories located in Canada, USA and Mexico we are extremely well positioned to manufacture and deliver high quality display cabinets to our customers anywhere in North America.

Glass Counter Showcases
Counter Cabinets


Pedestal Display Cases
Glass Counter Display Case



Tower Display Cabinet
Tower Display Case



Gold Wing Jewelry – Atlanta Georgia

Our new line of Counter and Pedestal Jewelry Showcases was the obvious choice for Nick Broker owner of Gold Wing Jewelry in Atlanta Georgia!  These new Pedestal and Counter display cases are made using glass on glass for the display portion of the cabinets with a durable base made out of Aluminum, MDF and Laminates!


The image below will give you a good idea how these new designs look!

Counter Showcases
Counter Display Cases

Jewellery Tower Showcase – The Silver Ring Centre – Brownsville Texas

Besides counter display cases, towers are probably the next most popular display cabinet to find in a jewellery shop!  For the Silver Ring Centre in Brownsville TX this simple yet elegant case was just right!

With over 150 tower designs available for purchase, Jewellery Showcase Group is the manufacture you want to deal with!

Request our 2013 catalogue online and receive a 25% discount on the purchase of 2 or more units before the end of the year!

Jewellery Display Cabinets
Jewellery Showcases

Suspended Jewelry Showcases – Silent Noise

Just finished!  These suspended showcases were designed and manufactured for a jewelry shop located in Kelowna BC.

Three of the suspended display cases are very large and a bit of a challenge to get them attached to the aluminum square poles!

Ones the they have installed these glass cabinets it will look excellent!


Wall Mounted Display Cases
Wall Hanging Display Cases